Blowup!! iPhone / iPod Gameplay


Gather Blocks! Transform them into Ultimate Robots!
  • Test your brain to the limit.
  • A robot blocks that transform on your palm.
  • A collaboration of robots and electronica
  • An excitement of blowing up blocks! You will be Blow Up addict soon enough.
  • Blow Up!! Kick your Stress Away.
  • With intuitive interface and minimal design, anyone can enjoy it.
  • With some brain work, you will play it at ease and fast!
  • Anyone can be addicted to Blow Up. Please be Extra Cautious!

How to Play:
  1. Accumulate 8 or more same color and blow all them up!
  2. As you gather more blocks, you'll earn more energy and scores. Check out 9 levels of Block Transformation!
  3. You will need "Nibble" to remove single block. Each nibble will be awarded as you blow up 13 or more blocks.
  4. With higher scores, each musical elements will be added on top of each. Achieve 100% to complete the music!

App Name : Blowup!!
Price : $0.99
Download & more info: App Store